The pious act of eating is not to fulfill our stomachs but also our souls. In the terms of Ayurveda, the process of consuming food is essential and potent for the growth of our health and mind. Therefore, Ayurveda has laid down some simple and effective steps to improve one’s digestion. The need of properly digesting your food is a common knowledge. Without digesting our food properly, we cannot function to our maximum efforts and in return experience the feelings of being bloated, being weak, nauseous and abdominal pain.

Listed below are few ways which Ayurveda states to improve your digestion as well health:

1. The way: in our busy lives, we often run late and the cost of which is normally paid by meals. We tend to grab a quick bite while driving/travelling to works or while at the work station. But, continuous practice of this method is harmful for the digestive system in the long run. We should sit down while having our meals. This helps us eat in a relaxed posture and also make us aware about what and how much are we eating. We tend to become more conscious regarding the texture, taste and smell of the food we are having in our meal. This improves our digestion greatly.

2. Meditation: We have often heard from our parents and grandparents to meditate daily to improve our health and immunity. Well, the practice of meditation also helps us in our process of digesting food. According to Ayurveda, a person may suffer problems in digesting due to stress or anxiety. Meditation assist in calming down the inner system of the body and when practiced regularly, it regulates good circulation and optimal organ function. It helps our organs concentrate on their functions and induce better digestive system.

3. Ginger: one should either have a cup of some fresh ginger tea or about one inch of fresh ginger along with few drops of lemon juice and salt. Ginger tends to aid saliva flow in the mouth which in return produces the necessary enzymes so that the nutrients in the food are easily absorbed by the body. Ginger helps in increasing the digestive power of the body.

4. Time and quantity: The times at which we are eating our meals also play a very important role in digesting the food. Those who follow the pattern of eating at the correct time have a better digestive system than those who don’t. The first meal of the day: breakfast should be light and filling (the stomach muscles are still waking up and should be given easy food to break down). The lunch can be heavier and should be taken on time. The dinner on the other hand should be the lightest meal taken and also before 8:00 pm. As late night meals interfere with sleep, the stomach muscles find it difficult to break down complex food. Therefore, it is advised to have an early and simple dinner.

5. Avoiding cold drinks and cold food: Cold/iced water or drinks are difficult to digest by the body. One should have drinks, juices and water at room temperature to help in the act of digestion. Also cold drinks may give one stomach cramps and discomfort.

6. Walks after meals: one can incorporate small walks for 10-15 mins after each meal session. This helps the food to easily go down the food pipe and not stay in one place. These walks tend to prove more effective than a long walk of 45 mins daily.