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Chandraprabha Vati is an Ayurvedic medicine that improves the excretory system of body. It improves the urinary functions of body and is helpful in increasing urine out flow. Chandraprabha Vati reduces swelling from urinary organs and help kidneys to work at optimum levels. Helps in curing auria (no urine condition) and dysuria (painful urination). It is helpful in diabetic conditions, lowers blood sugar levels. Chandraprabha Vati increases immunity of the body and sperm count in males.


Shuddha Shilajit, with a variety of herbs - calamus, nutgrass, guduchi, cinnamon, cardamom, triphala and chitraka, the five varieties of salt, and incinerated iron, topped off with bhavana of triphala decoction.

Dose: 2 tablets every morning and evening with milk or water or as directed by physician.

Packing: Available in packing of 30 tablets.

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Disclaimer: Duration of treatment and onset of action with the medicines depends on various factors like severity & symptoms of disease, age & physical conditions of the patient etc. Please contact your Ayurvedic Physician for more information.
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