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Divya Udramrit vati, is an Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of stomach and digestive system related problems. It energises the overall digestive system and nourishes it for its proper functioning.

Advantages of Divya Udramrit Vati: 

Udramrit Vati provides cure and relief from various gastric problems. The Vati acts on the principle of making the digestive system function properly and hence prevent problems like flautulence, abdominal pain, indigestion, constipation, vomiting etc. Divya Udramrit Vati balances the pH of the stomach hence preventing acidity, heartburn and other ailments. With the improvement of digestive system and liver function the vati leads to increase in appetite as well, and provides the required nutrition to the body.

Ingredients: Divya Udramrit Vati is made from 100% natural herbs and mainly consists of 

  • Bhumi Amla
  • Makoy
  • Amla
  • Baheda
  • Ajvayan
  • Aloevera
  • Muktashukti Bhasam
  • Lauha Bhasam
  • with others.

Directions of Use: Take one tablet of Divya Udramrit Vati twice a day, before breakfast and dinner with lukewarm water or milk or as directed by physician.

Packing: Divya Udramrit Vati is available in packing 40 grams.   

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Disclaimer: Duration of treatment and onset of action with the medicines depends on various factors like severity & symptoms of disease, age & physical conditions of the patient etc. Please contact your Ayurvedic Physician for more information.