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Yograj Guggulu from Patanjali is an Ayurvedic medicine used for treatment of various types of arthritis like osteoarthritis, rheumatism and other joints pain. 

Advantages of Patanjali Yograj Guggulu:

Yograj guggulu consists of different herbs that help in removing the excessive vata from the body specially from joints and muscles. Hence, it corrects vata dosha from body and treats vata imbalance diseases that affect bones, joints and bone marrow. Yograj Guggulu removes the toxins present in body that can lead to obesity and also increases digestion power, complexion, strength and immunity. 

Ingredients: Yograj guggulu mainly consists of

  • Chitrak Mool 
  • Pippla Mool 
  • Ajwain 
  • Kala Jeera 
  • Via Vidang 
  • Ajmod 
  • Safed Jeera 
  • Devdaru 
  • Chabya 
  • Chhoti Elaichi 
  • Saindha Namak 
  • Rasna 
  • Gokhru 
  • Dhania 
  • Chhoti Pippal 
  • Dalchini 
  • Khas 
  • Yavkshar 
  • Tejpatra 
  • Pure Ghee 
  • Shuddh Guggul

Direction of Use: Take 1-2 Yograj Guggul tablets twice a day after meals with warm water or as directed by physician.

Packing: Yograj Guggul from Patanjali is available in packing of 80 tablets. 

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Disclaimer: Duration of treatment and onset of action with the medicines depends on various factors like severity & symptoms of disease, age & physical conditions of the patient etc. Please contact your Ayurvedic Physician for more information.