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‘Arogya’ means without disease and ‘Vardhini’ means to facilitate; Arogyavardhini Gutika (tablet) from Zandu is an Ayurvedic Medicine that facilitates..
₹ 30
Chandraprabha Vati is an Ayurvedic medicine that improves the excretory system of body. It improves the urinary functions of body and is helpful in in..
₹ 45
Hingvashtak Churna from Zandu is a carminative & gastric stimulant. It kindles the appetite and enhances digestion. It gives relief in flatulence,..
₹ 60
K4 is a highly effective Ayurvedic remedy that clears urinary tract infection and prevents recurrence. It decongests urethral obstruction, disintegrat..
₹ 65
Zandu’s Kaishore Guggul Guti is an excellent remedy for the ailments arising out of blood impurities like: Gout, abscess, skin disorders, edema, abdom..
₹ 36
Khadiradi Vati from Zandu is an Ayurvedic herbal antiseptic medicine for curing throat disorders. It is useful in dental, oral, throat and tonsillar i..
₹ 70
Livotirt Forte from Zandu, is an Ayurvedic medicine which is very beneficial for normal liver function. It is an effective daily health supplement to ..
₹ 110
Maha Sudarshan Churna from Zandu restores balance in all three doshas. It is diaphoretic (induce perspiration) and diuretic (increased passing of urin..
₹ 35
Mahayograj Huggul from Zandu, contains a synergistic blend of detoxifying herbs, including Triphala, Chitrak and Vidanga, that work in conjunction wit..
₹ 100
Nityam Churna, an Ayurvedic laxative developed by Zandu is a revolutionary formulation enriched with 7 POWERFUL LAXATIVE HERBS. It gently cleanses, lu..
₹ 35
Nityam tablet from Zandu is an effective solution to the problem of constipation. Made by combining range of laxative herbs it strengthens the digesti..
₹ 24
Zandu introduces extract based ‘Forte Range’ of products, which are extract based. Herbs in extract form (100% soluble fraction) ensure better bioavai..
₹ 150
Ovoutoline by virtue of its marked anti-oxytocic, anti-inflammatory and anti spasmodic action corrects gynecological disorders. It reduces severity of..
₹ 60
Rhumayog is a safe and effective Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory drug for the treatment of arthritis and other muscular-skeletal disorders. It relieves jo..
₹ 70
Forte Range of products from Zandu contains herbs in extract form (100% soluble fraction) that ensures better bioavailability, efficiency, potency &am..
₹ 155
Rhumayog Gold from Zandu contains gold in the form of Suvarna Bhasma (a finely micro pulverized form). Gold selectively accumulates in the synovial ce..
₹ 390
Satavarex is an effective nutritional herbal food supplement that nourishes mother as well as the fetus. It stimulates the natural process of lactatio..
₹ 165
Sitopaladi Churna is a safe and natural Ayurvedic anti-cough formula for long-term use for all age groups. It is very effective in cough associated wi..
₹ 40
"Helps keep you healthy and lead an active life" Sudarshan Ghanvati, works in similar manner as Maha Sudarshan Churna and restores homeostasis of a..
₹ 80
Sudarshan Tablet from Zandu improves immunity to Helps protect body from common infections viz, Cold, Body aches etc. It strengthens body to help in r..
₹ 45