Depression is a serious medical condition which negatively affects the thinking, feeling and workings of a person. It is not restricted to the age, gender or class of a person and anybody can suffer from depression. If we observe closely, we may find someone suffering from depression. What we need to understand are the ways in which we can identify someone from depression and how can we help them.


Depression is a real medical condition which can be treated. But in our society, we view it either as a taboo or as a made up show. We first need to sensitize ourselves to idea of this disease to be real and the ways in which it affects people. People who are suffering from depression are often themselves unaware about it. They may think they are just sad and lonely due to some circumstances. But slowly they are suffering from negative vibes and find it difficult to be happy. This condition has to ability to break the strength of a person and push them to cut off from the social world.

We need to therefore identify those who are suffering from depression so that we can help them. One can feel lonely and unappreciated, disliked and hated. By talking to them and showing some form of affection, we can probably stop them from going more deep in depression.


We meet a lot of people in our daily lives. The meeting can be of short nature where two people exchange some pleasantries or of long nature where we sit, chat and discuss about our lives. Generally it is hard to notice people who are depressed since they tend to keep appearances before others. But if we do feel something odd about the person or their behavior, we should observe them keenly.

In case if you do find something odd about the person, notice small details in them. For example,

  • check if they are pretending to be happy in front of you or are generally happy
  • check if they feel more tired than usual
  • pay close attention to things they talk about- a person suffering from depression may develop a pessimistic opinion
  • a depressed person may also lose confidence in him/herself
  • they may appear very worn out or tired all the time
  • they may get irritated or angered at petty or inappropriate things


Only identifying a depressed person does not complete your task. After having some doubts whether a person is depressed or not, you need to make them realize about their situation and help them find a solution to their problem.

First, we need to see depression as a medical condition and then only we may be able to help them. We need to help the other person realize that his problem of remaining constantly sad and tired has a name and is treatable. Sometimes only having a heart-to-heart talk can make the other person feel better.

Listen- in this 4G world, many of us have forgotten to listen patiently. To make them feel needed, listen to their problems, fears and issues patiently. Pay attention to their problems and not use condescending tone with them. If someone is trying to open up in front of you, encourage them to talk and make them feel confident enough to find a solution.

A person suffering from depression may at times also need professional counseling. This also is seen as a taboo in our society. However, there is no shame in getting a professional help. Encourage people to visit psychologist and treat their condition in a professional manner. Dealing with depressed people is a sensitive issue. The demons they have might be beyond our reach. Getting an expert help may benefit them more.