How to breathe clean air in Delhi

The index of Delhi pollution is not a hidden agenda anymore.  Surpassing the dangerous limit and reaching at a hostile number, it has now gone up to 365 out of 500 which is very poor air quality. With low temperature, no efficient sunlight and no wind, the intake of this quality of air can cause respiratory illness. Also prolonged exposure to this kind of atmosphere can cause allergies or aggravate allergies further. This air is particularly harmful for people with asthma, lung diseases and chronic bronchitis.

To protect yourself from this harmful environment; Delhi people can follow some easy and effective steps. These steps are not only easy but can prevent the situation of Delhi getting anymore worse:

  1. Indoor Plants: while people are being constantly advised to remain indoors; the air quality inside the houses are also poor. To cure this problem the most easy and potent way is planting some indoor plants such as aloe vera, ficus elastica, spider plant, ivy, and snake plant and peace lilies. These plants are not only easily available in nurseries and online and pocket friendly, they also are small in size and don’t occupy large spaces. They purify the air naturally and helps make breathing inside the houses more tolerable.
  2. Air purifiers: while plants do serve a dual function of decorating of your homes along with purifying the air, air in large spaces are not easy to purify with these plants. One may take help of technology in finding better options for the air they breathe. Air purifiers are now available in almost all the electronic shops around the city. You can choose depending on the size of your house, company and the money.
  3. Eating jaggery: though this idea may seem a little vague, it may help in the long run. Jaggery is known to have properties which can help clean the liver by flushing out toxics from the body. It is loaded with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium, which help prevent free-radicals (responsible for early ageing). It helps boost resistance against infections, hence building stronger immunity. The only down side being that it increases weight.
  4. Avoiding exercising early morning: while many of us have the habit of starting their day with the morning walks and exercise in the nearby park; the conditions don’t allow so. It is advised to either opt for an indoor gym to continue the early morning regime or to not do it at all. Our excessive walks and jogging increase the inhalation of particulate matter to deeper lung tissue, it also bypasses the nose due to excessive mouth breathing. Hence to keep our lungs free of the polluted particle matter, one should avoid the parks and roads in the morning till noon.