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Does ayurved has any medicine to control acidity?

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Our stomach has lot of acids which are essential for proper functioning of digestive system. Sometimes due to certain foods or abnormal activity in stomach, there is movement of these acidic juices from the stomach into the lower part of food pipe (esophagus). These movement causes burning sensation and is commonly called as acidity, acid reflux, heartburn etc. 
A healthy digestive system is the bases of healthy life and it is essential to treat acidity. By making simple dietary changes acidity can be treated.
Patients suffering from hyperacidity should avoid following foods:

  • Fatty, fried, junk food
  • Spicy and oily food
  • Red meat
  • Too much tea and coffee
  • Acidic foods like vinegar, pickles, tamarinds. 
  • Frozen and baked foods
  • Alcohol

There are lot of Ayurvedic medicines which treat acidity and can be referred to here –