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test asked 3 years ago

I found this site after lots of research on internet where I can ask my problem and expecting a quick reply. Living in USA and have frequent problem of upset stomach (loose motion). Somebody has suggested me to go for ayurvedic medicine. Is it possible to take ayurvedic medicine without actually meeting with vaidya. will it work? If yes, please advise me some medicine without any side affect. Can I take allopathic medicine along with ayurvedic for immediate relief?

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Ayurvedic medicines are 100% herbal in nature and do not have any side-effect on body. These are available as OTC medicines and are taken by lot of people for health improvement. 
However if you are already undergoing any treatment and taking medication for that, then it is always advisable to consult your doctor or Ayurvedic Vaid, before taking any other medicine. 
For upset stomach and diarrhoea (loose motions) lot of Ayurvedic medicines are available which can be found here – https://www.ayurka.com/index.php?route=product/search&tag=Diarrhea
All the medicines are food supplement are effective in improving digestive system and treating upset stomach.