What is DRY COUGH?

A dry cough is a cough in which no or less mucus or phlegm is produced in our throats. It is very common during an episode of common cold or infection. A dry cough is an irritating tickle in the throat which makes the cough come up but without any mucus. The tickling urges one to cough and the person coughs consistently which leaves them exhausted with body ache and more irritation.

Symptoms of DRY COUGH:

  • Irritating tickling the throat
  • Absence of mucus in the cough
  • No blockage in the cough
  • Consistent coughing
  • Throat feels sore and dry
  • Feeling of fatigue
  • Weakened immunity
  • Feeling of irritation in the airway

Reasons for DRY COUGH

  • Allergies
  • Infections such as viral infection or flu
  • Blocked airway
  • Exposure to dust, pollution, fumes and chemicals
  • Acid reflex of the stomach
  • Immense exposure to air pollution

Natural Remedies for DRY COUGH

1. TUMERIC MILK: The most effective and successful remedy for not only dry cough but for any type of cough. This milk strengthens immunity as well as help relieves sore throat and chest congestions. Turmeric has an active ingredient called curcumin. This agent has anti-bacterial and anti –viral properties which helps in treating infections in the body. In addition to this, the hot milk provides relaxation to the body.
To make turmeric milk: add one teaspoon of turmeric to warm milk along with 1-2 teaspoon of honey (to sweeten the taste) and some grounded ginger powder.

2. Spiced Tea: A spiced tea is a traditional Ayurvedic way of treating coughs. Having warm spices in the form of tea provides instant relief from a long and tiring day of coughing. Spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, honey, ginger, tulsi in the form of tea helps in treating dry cough.
To prepare a spice tea: Warm one cup of water. To this, add one stick of cinnamon along with ginger powder and black pepper seeds. After boiling it for 10 mins, drain the mixture and then add one tea spoon of natural honey. Drink this solution as tea. Have this spiced tea at regular intervals for three days. This is one of the best cures for dry cough.

3. Honey and lemon: honey helps in soothing the sore throat as well providing quick relief from the effects of dry cough. The thick honey pacifies the irritated throat and also leaves a protective layer behind.

How to take: Either take 1-2 tea spoon of honey raw or add 1-2 teaspoon of honey to a cup of warm water along with some lemon juice.

4. Hot bath/steam: a hot bath chiefly helps in opening up the congested chest in the case of dry coughs and chesty coughs. It loosens up the toxic material in the body and helps in hydrating the dry respiratory system. Add a few drops of essential oils like tea tree or eucalyptus to maximize these effects.