The magical potion called water can surprisingly cure so many of our health problems. Our body consists 60% of water and we should supply it with enough every day to replenish our body’s needs. With helping our organs to function properly, to making our skin glow; water is one solution drink which is widely and easily available. One should drink water throughout the day and not only when one is thirsty. Our body sheds out toxins via sweat and urine which is in the liquid form. To maintain the body balance one should drink about 8-10 glasses of water.

What most people lack is the correct knowledge of drinking water? Are they supposed to drink water while standing or should they sit somewhere? Is drinking lukewarm water better for health or hot water is more beneficial?

Below mentioned are some valuable points regarding the correct and disciplined way of drinking water:

  1. Drinking water to absorb: according to Ayurveda; we should drink water to let our body absorb it and not fill our tummy with it. Since we give out water in so many forms- we need to replenish the required amount also. We may notice how we may drink a glass of water and then after a few minutes pee a clear liquid. This indicates that our body is not able to absorb water. To make your body absorb more water add few things such as
    a) A pinch a unrefined salt
    b) Squeeze few drops of lemon
    c) Add few ginger slices
    These options are easily available and more effective for weight loss also. Try drinking infused water rather than plain water as infused water contains more minerals and increases the metabolism of the body.
  2. Set a Target: we have heard numerous times from different people that the secret to their beauty and health is drinking water. It may be hard to believe; but it is actually the universal and verified truth. Be it removing blemishes from the face or adding some natural glow to the skin and face- water is the magical drink to solve them all. Generally, the ideal quantity of water a person should drink in a day is 2-3 liters. But no one can spend their entire day in measuring the amount of water they are drinking. The easiest solution to this problem is getting you a bottle and figuring out the number of repetitions to make in a day to reach the desired goal. This will help you save a lot of time and you can easily keep track of the quantity of water you are drinking.

  3. Sipping water and not Chugging: after setting the desired goal, one often chug water at night to finish their goal. But this is not a healthy routine. The water that we chug has no effect whatsoever on our body and rather harms us as it causes our body to expel most of it as urine, which will have the effect of slowing the hydration process. To remain hydrated for a long time, start sipping water while sitting. Avoid drinking water while standing.

  4. Appropriate time to drink water for better results: prepare a schedule for yourself to drink water and some timers in your phone to remind you to follow up the schedule. This way you will surely be able to drink the targeted goal of water and avoid chugging some left glasses late at night.

    The ideal time for drinking water is as follows:

    • 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water (preferably with few drops of lemon) after waking up
    • 1 glass before going for a hot bath
    • 1 -2 glasses after breakfast and before lunch
    • 1 glass after an hour or so of lunch
    • 1-2 between lunch and dinner
    • 1 glass before 30 mins of dinner
    • 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water 30 mins before going to bed.